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Casual chain bracelet

Casual chain necklace

Only you bracelet lila

Only you necklace green

Only you necklace lila

Shine for me bracelet lila

Shine for me bracelet green

Love it is

Shine for me necklace lila

Shine for me necklace green

Spoil me silver

Adore you silver

Adore you gold

Got your attention silver

Colorfull darling blue

Big luck bracelet purple

Spread your love

Bite the snake bracelet silver

Bite the snake bracelet gold

He stole my heart

Heartbreaker silver

All the talk silver

All the talk gold

Big love necklace pink

Big love necklace green

Always smile blue

Forget to smile necklace gold

Late night run gold

Clearly a vibe hot pink

Clearly a vibe blue

Everyday bracelet

Everyday chain

It’s a thing gold

Let’s get closer silver

Let’s get closer gold

In your dreams silver

Bite the snake necklace silver

Bite the snake necklace gold

Keep a secret necklace silver

Keep a secret necklace gold

My cute scrunchie green

Knock them down silver

Knock them down gold

Let’s go downtown silver

Let’s go downtown gold

Higher love silver

Higher love gold

Glam moment silver